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Uh, guess its time to think about that whole wedding thing....

Guess what guys!!! We are getting MARRIED!!!


Ok, ok, a lot of you already knew I am engaged to the most amazing man ever. But, that was like, a year ago he proposed to me. We have been so busy with the shop that I have thought exactly 3 thoughts about our actual wedding. 


Some of you know I'm a spontaneous mess-so this may not surprise you-

After a year of 3 thoughts, I spontaneously called my sister and best friend to tell them I was going wedding dress shopping last Friday. They both booked it to Seattle and somehow I found the most gorgeous dress! So as if I didn't have enough on my plate-Now WE ARE PLANNING A WEDDING!!! Woohooo!

July 2022 <3


I may hold a plant instead of a bouquet. That is all.