Due to rising costs of fuel and staff shortages we are currently not offering delivery. Sorry guys! Come see us in person Thursday|Friday|Saturday|Sunday! 509 4th St Bremerton Wa 98312!



Thank you for your interest in Send Nodes Plant Shop!

We are currently hiring for a second retail associate for our location in Bremerton, Wa!

Job Title: Carer of All Things Nodey


Running our small business store front. This is a big responsibility and it's hard work. But it's also incredibly fun.

Deliveries to Seattle/Tacoma area. We have a vast client base that we deliver to. There is a bit of flexibility to this part of the position as we can fit deliveries around class schedules/family life but it is a mandatory part of this job. If you can’t accommodate deliveries, please do not apply.

Bug Inspection: This is extremely important. You must be able to search for, recognize, and appropriately treat plant related bugs. We can teach you this. Bugs really like house plants and we reeeaaallllyy don't like bugs.

Customer Service: You must be able to treat customers with respect and empathy. Emotions run deep when it comes to plant babies and theres a lot of mis-information out there regarding plants. If you can't be nice to humans, then this job is not for you.

Care of live plants: Copious. COPIOUS. amounts of live plants. Watering, pruning, loving, talking to. We are a plant shop. You get the idea.

Making dirt. We sell A LOT of dirt that requires mixing. Copious amounts of mixing. This is a dirty task. But it's also therapeutic in a way.

Packing Orders: We are mainly delivery based. Packing orders is a big part of this and is also a big responsibility. You must be able to ask questions when needed.

Dealing with Brielle (aka me). I am high energy, spontaneous, loud, sometimes annoying, and probably going to be late, but a very happy individual. This shop is one of my children and I care for it deeply. I also care a lot for my happy little bubble in life. Negativity and drama do not work for me so good communication skills are IMPERATIVE for this position. If issues arise, I want them dealt with quick and efficiently so we can go back to having fun playing with plants and making our community happy.

Pay: $15 per hour


Wednesday for deliveries. Hours/day flexible.

Sunday 11-7pm

More hours will be available.

If you feel you'd be a good fit for our plant fam, please send your resume, a bit about yourself, your availability, and of course your favorite plant to Brielle@Sendnodesplantshop.com